Property Photography.

Alex Campbell Photography, specialist in property photography. Devon based, full UK coverage.

Experienced property photographer, working with estate agents, holiday home owners, architects and interior designers. Photographing new property developments, properties for sale, holiday homes, bespoke projects and more.

Though photographing hundreds of properties, I have the experience to efficiently create the images you need,  whether you’re an estate agent, advertising holiday lets, a hotel owner or other.

Based in Devon, covering the entire UK including London and abroad. I work with national estate agents, architects, holiday home owners, letting agencies, hotel owners and home builders.


Examples of property photography.



Specialist in architectural photography. Photographing a broad range of architecture in all sectors including education, retail and residential. From small bespoke property extensions to large schools and hospitals.

Working with interior designers to photograph a range of projects and interiors. From holiday homes to restaurants. From bespoke residential projects to large commercial projects.
Photographing a variety of properties for clients like estate agents, property developers, architects and interior designers. From new housing estates, individual properties for sale to property extensions.



Architecture and Landscapes of Iceland

Iceland is Europe’s most sparsely populated country with only 355,000 inhabitants. It’s also Europe’s second largest island behind Great Britain. Iceland lies on the Mid-Atlantic ridge where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates meet and is the only place you can stand between the plates on dry land. An

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